My First Magic Mushroom Expierience

Originally written August 13, 2015

It is interesting reading my work from a few years ago, and seeing how much things have advanced in my life and my writing. This tales a rather interesting one of mine, you just may get a kick out of it.

My first magic mushroom trip (3).jpg

I was a seventeen year old teenager, and a curious one at that. Not of hard drugs though, but psychedelic’s (which I personally do not consider hard drugs). I was going with my friend to British Columbia for a night. About a 6 hour drive there and back from where I live. We were going with his parents to pick up his aunts trailer.

Anyway, I’ll cut to the chase. We had mushrooms and an appetite for adventure. Neither of us having tried them before, we only bought 4 grams to split between us. My friend is a lot smaller than me and weighs a lot less so I knew it would probably affect him more than I, but alas it was still both our first and we knew it would probably do something.

Oh, it did something.

Let’s fast forward hours later. It’s evening and we’re in his tent. His parents and aunt were only about 20 feet away talking amongst themselves around the campfire. I had been worrying all day, scared mushrooms wouldn’t work well with my medication ( anti-depressant) and just scared of a bad trip in general. I had never done acid or anything other than marijuana for the most part so I was a little anxious. As soon as the sun started setting we ripped open the bag and just started chewing. To this day I’m still not a big fan of weighing out, making sure we each get 2 grams. I just like taking turns eating it. We made sure we roughly ate it at the same pace, and let our night begin.

A little while after we ate them I decided to go out to the campfire to smoke a cigarette. My friend didn’t smoke cigarettes so he stayed in his sleeping bag. I also should mention that my friend had tried acid along with other drugs, although until tonight had never gotten the chance to try magic mushrooms. Anyhow I was outside now smoking talking with the ‘adults’.

The first thing I noticed was the fire. It seemed to dance in a way I had never seen before. It’s flames waltzed the fire pit in a way I could never. I was suspicious of ‘feeling it’ at this point but wasn’t sure. I remember distinctly thinking ” Did fires always look this great.” Of course they had, but I wondered until then if I had ever truly noticed. The next thing I noticed was just how pointless the conversation his family was having was. I don’t recall what they were saying, just my reaction, being confused of why people would ever talk about things so boring. That’s when I looked up. My first Magic Mushroom trip (2)

I saw the trees around me making a circle, and in the circle thousands of stars swam within it. I knew right then I was high. I decided I was done smoking and headed back to the tent wondering if my dear pal had felt it yet. Right as I began to go inside I looked up once again and yelled ” I just saw a shooting star!” It was not the first one I’d seen, but certainly one I’d never forget.

As I walked in it was for certain my friend was feeling it. I remember the look in his eyes and us laughing. Although I can’t remember the order of the details and everything that occurred, I’ll let y’all know the highlights.

We had brought a bong and some wacky baccy for the night, so we kept lit in the tent. I remember me being a clutz and I knocked over the bong and had to use my bandana to wipe up the water. It was not a good time.

Another similar time was I was smoking a cigarette in the tent and I dropped it on my sleeping bag. Freaking out for whatever reason I teared open my sleeping bag and the cigarette went flying somewhere in the tent. I looked everywhere not recognising anything I saw on the tent floor. Like everything just looked like… Something? I know that doesn’t make sense. It was my friend that just told me to sit down and calm down. I found the cigarette the following morning completely out luckily.

There was a moment in time when my friend said he was looking up and thought he was looking at the stars, then realised it was the tent ceiling.

The most scary event and certainly the climax was when we heard a roar/snarl from outside the tent. We could have sworn it was a mountain lion, but looking back we’re pretty sure it was just a cat. We were on magic  mushrooms though what can we say?

My first magic mushroom trip (1)And that wraps up my first mushroom experience. It was quite a good time, and I can’t complain in the slightest. Although I don’t condone mushroom use, I thank God I got to have the experience I did. Although I was so anxious to eat it, everything turned out quite relaxing. I would also never recommend anyone to eat more than four grams at a time, for this is a powerful substance. A huge thank you to my friend, that made this first journey a special one.

I’d love to hear your trips below!


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